“Finally! An Inspiring, Easy to Read Book Jam-Packed with Proven Strategies, Insights and Gems Revealed by Other Parents of Deaf Children and Deaf Adults to Help You Raise a Happy, Thriving Deaf Child!”

“My name is Janet and I have a little boy, Hugh who is deaf. I read the book cover to cover and found it absolutely fantastic – very inspirational and very reassuring, full of lots of practical information which I’m sure will be invaluable to us as we progress along our journey. It has certainly been the ‘therapy’ I needed.”

Janet Murphy, mother to Hugh

GREAT NEWS FOR families of deaf and hard of hearing children, teachers of the deaf, audiologists, speech pathologists, newborn hearing screening professionals, early childhood educators and anyone who deals with children with hearing loss…

AT LAST! An inspiring new book containing 9 REAL LIFE interviews from parents of deaf and hard of hearing children AND highly successful deaf and hard of hearing adults.

Each Person in this book reveals their Own Personal Journey with Hearing Loss and how they dealt with even the most difficult barriers of being deaf in a hearing world.

Each Person in this book provides practical, hands on, proven strategies and tips to ensure that You and Your Deaf Child enjoy a happy, successful life!

This book will make you feel less alone in your journey of raising your deaf child.

From Julie Postance, author of Breaking the Sound Barriers: 9 deaf success stories, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Parent,

Has your child just been diagnosed with hearing loss?

Have you been experiencing the effects of hearing loss on your
child and your family for several years?

Then this message is for you.

Sound Barriers Book

When your child was first diagnosed with hearing loss, it could quite possibly have been the most frightening, terrifying, daunting time of your life.

You see, more than 90% of deaf or hard of hearing children are born to hearing parents who have LITTLE or NO experience with hearing loss. For some parents, their deaf child may be the first deaf person they have ever met.

So many parents complain that following diagnosis, they are presented with a ‘showbag’ full of dry medical terminology and are sent home to ‘deal with’ the future. Many complain that in the blink of an eye, all the hopes and dreams they have held for that child disappear.

There are so many questions to answer. ‘Will my child ever lead a normal life?’, ‘Will my child attend a mainstream school?’, ‘What kind of school would be most suitable for my child’s needs?’, ‘Will my child have friends?’, ‘What language is best for my child – sign language or speech?’, ‘Will they be able to drive?’, ‘Will they get a good job?’ ‘Will they get married?’

Instead of support, many parents are greeted with a mass of confusing and contradictory information by professionals who are pushing different agendas. Some are saying, ‘Teach your child sign language. They need visual communication’ while others are saying, ‘Teach your child to speak. Signing will hinder their language development!’ No wonder they think they are going mad…

Bringing up a child who is hearing is a challenging enough. But raising a deaf child can seem completely overwhelming. However, if you are feeling afraid, uncertain, and worried about the future, then please relax. You’re not alone.

If you have ever asked yourself “Will my child be able to lead a normal life?”, the good news is, “Yes, they can!”

I want to tell you about my new e-book called Breaking the Sound Barriers: 9 deaf success stories. My book is a collection of real interviews with nine amazing parents of deaf children and deaf adults. Each interview captures the struggles and successes as they explore what helped and what hindered them in their journey with hearing loss.

The good news is that the deaf people in this book are THRIVING. They are all living proof that being deaf or having a hearing loss is certainly NOT the end of the world. Far from being a disability, deafness merely sets a child on a different journey, not a lesser one…

“Your book is fantastic! Congratulations on bringing the lives of deaf families out into the public. This has been needed to be done for a long time now. Many people in the community will benefit from this.”

Sandra Collins, hearing mother to Amanda, who is deaf.

What this ground-breaking book will give you

Five cutting edge PRACTICAL solutions that you can do TODAY to help you enrich your deaf child’s life and in doing so, improve your own.

Five SPECIFIC strategies others have used to tackle barriers related to early intervention services, education, communication within the family and in the community, employment and adulthood.

A wealth of STEP BY STEP advice about navigating the highs and lows, drawing out the best in your deaf child and keeping your child’s self-esteem high.

Ten valuable tips and ideas from deaf adults as to what works and what doesn’t being deaf in a hearing world.

A simple method that deaf people use to get their dream job.

Nine interviews that reinforce the fact that deaf and hard of hearing people can BE, DO and HAVE anything they want in this world.

Nine interviews that give you a candid insight into the world of deafness – the tears and the joys.

An invaluable opportunity to connect with, and learn from, those who have travelled a similar path so that you may become the best parent you can be to your deaf child.

A totally NEW perspective on hearing loss.

“This really is a fantastic book, summarising the diversity of experiences and opinions of people connected with deafness in a range of capacities. And I think the information/interview material from the contributors has been written in a very engaging way so it reads as a flow-through account, and really expresses the individual voices of the people involved. Very well done!”

A Campbell, deafness professional

Why I wrote Breaking the Sound Barriers

First let me explain how, Breaking the Sound Barriers: 9 deaf success stories came about.

I have worked at Deaf Children Australia since 2005. During that time, I have witnessed numerous parents of deaf and hard of hearing children calling the Deaf Children Australia Helpline saying, “My child has a hearing loss. Will they ever lead a happy, normal life? Will they cope at school? Will they make friends? Will they ever drive? Will they get married?”

Having worked with many deaf and hard of hearing people who are leading very active, full, happy, successful lives, I know the answer was a giant resounding “YES!”, but these parents clearly didn’t.

So one night I went home and started surfing the internet for any books that would show these families that deaf children could be, do and have whatever they wanted in this world with the right knowledge and support. What I discovered instead were countless books packed with nothing but dry medical jargon.

In my job, I spoke to many parents of deaf children who complained about the lack of support following the diagnosis of their children. Others reported being propelled into a highly politicised world of deafness where different organizations pushed their own agendas.

Some parents went so far as to tell me that they had been discouraged by some authorities from using sign language with their children! Other parents revealed that they had taken heat from the Deaf community for using hearing aids or cochlear implants. No one wonder parents felt totally frustrated and confused!

I realised what was missing and what was much needed was a simple, comprehensive, easy to understand, user-friendly, non-intimidating and positive book about how to raise a child with hearing loss that was easy to apply. Something that would REALLY help parents of deaf children.

The need became increasingly apparent on my behalf to share these inspiring stories so that you too could benefit from them and incorporate some of the winning strategies they have used into your own lives if you so chose.

The result is “Breaking the Sound Barriers: 9 deaf success stories”, which captures the highs and lows, struggles and achievements of amazing families of deaf children and deaf adults.

This book is jam packed with invaluable tips and information to ensure deaf children fulfil their potential in life. This book respects the fact that there are many ways to successfully raise a deaf child and that parents should make their own decisions, based on what is right for their family and for their children.

Each person in the book has chosen a different path. Some have chosen the signing route; others the auditory verbal route and others, the bilingual route. By reading their stories, you will get a glimpse into the likely implications of taking one direction or the other. It gives you some fundamental information foundations for making difficult decisions necessary when choosing the best path for your child.

And let’s face it. Who better to offer a parent practical, hands on advice than those parents who have navigated the journey before you? Or a deaf adult who has come up against and overcome many of the barriers associated with hearing loss? All this information is tried and tested by people who have walked the path before. These parents of deaf children and deaf adults address all the questions you have had and more in a book that is easy-to-read and in plain English with no jargon!

“I highly recommend this incredibly honest book to all parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. It’s been a life saver in helping me raise my deaf daughter.”

Shona, mother of eight year old, Ava, who is hearing impaired.

These are not some Chicken Soup stories. These are real, warts and all “here’s how it happened and here’s what we did” stories. Real stories about real people, who have broken down barriers associated with hearing loss and are thriving.

Breaking the Sound Barriers is not about hiding from the realities of living with deafness in a hearing oriented world. In this collection of nine stories, five parents of deaf and hard of hearing children paint a very candid portrayal of the challenges, struggles and barriers that their families have come up against in raising a deaf child and the strategies they have used to deal with them.

Read on and discover the uplifting stories from parents of deaf and hard of hearing children who have come up against all the barriers and succeeded…

Joanna’s Story

Joanna is the mother of ten-year-old Estelle, who was diagnosed as severely deaf at 22 months old. Joanna talks candidly about the lack of support by professionals up to and following the diagnosis. “All I wanted to do was speak to another parent of a deaf child who would tell me that everything would be okay.” Joanna’s feelings of isolation and need for support led her to create a support group for other parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. She also created a free support booklet written by parents of deaf children, which is now inserted into the ‘showbag of medical mumbo-jumbo’ that parents receive following diagnosis. Estelle mainly uses oral language to communicate, attends a mainstream school with her hearing brothers, and plans to run her own hairdressing salon one day.

Chevoy’s Story

Chevoy is mother to eight-year-old Jarrod, severely deaf. She too shares her negative experiences with professionals following her son’s diagnosis. “There was pressure on us to make a decision there and then as to how we would communicate with Jarrod. It was a difficult decision to make, made no easier by the statements from medical practitioners who told me that I couldn’t have it both ways. It was simply not an option to give him an implant and sign to him, they said!” Because of that, Chevoy made the decision to use sign language with Jarrod. She provides gems of information as to what worked and what didn’t in developing his language and in elevating his confidence in communicating with the outside world. She also speaks of the importance of Deaf culture and ensuring that your child gets access to deaf people in order to develop a strong, proud Deaf identity. Chevoy shares how her open acceptance of her son’s deafness teaches him not only to feel comfortable in his own skin, but also to equate deafness with perfection.

Roz’s Story

Roz is mother of ten year old Sarah, who is profoundly deaf. Sarah wears a hearing aid and has a cochlear implant, uses speech and sign to communicate and attends a mainstream school with her hearing brother and sister. Roz was struck by the lack of information following Sarah’s diagnosis and ‘the political battle’ with organizations and schools trying to push their own agendas. She speaks of the need to become an advocate for the needs of your hard of hearing child. She shares her fight to increase the 10-15 hours a week of sign language assistance for Sarah and how she encouraged Sarah’s mainstream school to take on sign language as the second language taught at the school. She reveals a wealth of wisdom and some brilliant tips in getting the best out of your child which includes recommending many technological devices that make life a lot easier for a deaf person.

“A must-read for families of deaf and hard of hearing children. Many books on deafness these days try to push an oral or signing agenda, but I like that this one represents a range of perspectives from oral, signing and bilingual backgrounds. A truly honest account of what is like to go through life with a hearing loss with a fundamental message that anything can be achieved with a bit of persistence.”

Nick Daws,Freelance Writer and Consultant,www.mywritingblog.com

Gavin’s Story

Gavin is the proudly Deaf father of four children, all of whom have differing levels of hearing loss. Married to Becky who is also deaf, Gavin and Becky have chosen to bring their children up bilingually i.e with both speech and sign. Having grown up in a signing Deaf family and attended a Deaf signing school, Gavin says, “I didn’t want my children to suffer the frustrating lack of opportunities by not being able to speak.” Gavin emphasises the importance of exposing deaf children to both speech and sign language so that they can ‘access both worlds’. This story is fascinating and demonstrates the need to raise each child according their individual needs. Gavin’s son, Phoenix, for example, has hearing aids and prefers to speak, while his daughter, Scarlett has been fitted with a cochlear implant, yet she prefers to sign and be in the Deaf world.

Gail’s Story

When mother, Gail was advised to send her daughter, Tiahna to a ‘special school’, instead, she requested that her daughter go to a mainstream school with an Auslan. Auslan was Tiahna’s primary language and also the national language of the Deaf community in Australia. However, in 1999, Signed English (and not Auslan) was the language of instruction for deaf children in Queensland schools. Determined that her daughter would get access to an education that met her needs, Gail spent six years fighting the Queensland education system – and succeeded in revolutionising the whole education system in Queensland.

This book would not be complete without stories of deaf and hard of hearing adults…

Which is why I interviewed five deaf adults who share with you their battles and victories, obstacles and opportunities, pressures and lessons. Each speaks about the barriers they came up against being deaf in a hearing world. Some speak about the feelings of isolation being born into a hearing family, or with being the only deaf student at school. Others tell about the shortage of specialist support in the classroom and with having to prove to potential employers that they can do the job just as well as a hearing person.

They reveal the skills they have developed to compensate for a lack of hearing, the mindset they needed to cultivate, to cope and flourish, and the beliefs they have had to nurture when barriers have sometimes seemed insurmountable. The insights they reveal is not found in medical journals. These are gems that cannot be found anywhere else.

These five incredibly generous deaf and hard of hearing adults I had the privilege of interviewing have undergone challenge after challenge in the hearing world, yet they have gone on to become highly successful sportspeople, businessmen and women, CEOs of large organisations, teachers, wives, husbands, mothers and friends.

“I just wanted to congratulate you on Breaking the Sound Barriers: 9 deaf success stories . This is something I would have really wanted to read when I was younger. It would have helped me deal with my deafness – I remember searching online for ‘inspirational deaf people’, and being very disappointed that they were all old. It took me until I was 21 years old to get to the point where I was completely confident about being deaf, so this book would have been very welcome when I was younger, dealing with the difficulties, and feeling alone. I know my mum would have found this extremely useful as well – if at the very least showing her that there were others out there experiencing the same thing. When I was diagnosed, mum lived in a smallish town, and there wasn’t much support out there for anyone with a hearing loss.”

K Locke, Australia

Sofya’s Story

Sofya’s story is amazing. A profoundly deaf actor, writer and director, Sofya is best known for her role on Play School as a guest presenter using sign language. Sofya starts by saying, “I am no stranger to barriers. Much of my life has been about overcoming them and about fighting to get out of the box in which many have tried to place me. However, through my deafness, I have learned enormous strength, courage and determination, which has allowed me to work my way up from actor to producer and film director, and now mother and wife. Through my experiences, I have come to know that many of our limitations in life are the ones we allow people to impose on us, and that sometimes you have to set the precedent on your own, to achieve things that many would say are impossible.” She has an abundance of advice for parents of deaf children as she shares her story of her nightmarish years through to directing a telemovie, 11 short films (three of which have received awards) and three feature films, screened widely around the world.

Olivia’s Story

Profoundly deaf Olivia explains her feeling of being in-between worlds – neither hearing nor signing – and how her experiences only succeeded in making her a stronger, more determined woman. You will read how she went on to obtain her Degree in Design, work for marie claire magazine, backpack through Africa, win a Winston Churchill Fellowship, become the director of her own mentoring organisation for deaf children, and marry the man of her dreams.

David’s Story

You will read how profoundly deaf David dealt with issues of social isolation – what it was like being the only one in his school who was deaf – and how despite numerous setbacks, he succeeded in becoming the National Business Operations Manager of a sports organisation, representing Australia in the 2005 Deaflympic Games in water polo, and climbing three of Britain’s highest mountains in less than 24 hours. He says, “Being deaf is a huge challenge. There is nothing I love more than embarking on new adventures and showing others that being deaf doesn’t hold you back. It is simply about finding a way to achieve whatever it is you want in life.”

Lizzie’s Story

With two bachelor degrees and a postgraduate degree, 30-year-old Lizzie Eakin (severe to profoundly deaf) has spent the last nine years working as an early childhood special educator – a career she is passionate about. ‘The most important advice I would give to parents of hearing impaired kids is to have a positive attitude, to encourage your kids and tell them that they can do anything!’ Her story contains a wealth of practical tips and successful strategies in raising your deaf child.

While this book was originally written for parents and families of deaf or hard of hearing children, it is also valuable for deaf and hard of hearing teenagers, deaf and hard of hearing adults, and professionals interested in deaf perspectives. Schools and universities will also find it a useful resource for subjects dealing with deafness.

What others have said about the book

“This book proves that deaf people can achieve whatever they desire with the right support.”

Gavin, father of two year old Tom, who is deaf.

“Our vision at Deaf Children Australia is A life to be lived – deaf people empowered, connected, achieving.’ Raising a deaf child can be a challenging experience and parents of deaf children have to deal with many important issues. This book will be an invaluable resource for parents of deaf children.”

Damian Lacey, CEO of Deaf Children Australia

“I want to want to wish you success as well as salute you for your efforts in shedding more light into the world of a bunch of very special people. You have done a great service putting out these tales in print for us to draw strength and find inspiration from.”

David, cousin to Danny who is hard of hearing.

Life is Way Too Short to Try And Learn This On Your Own Through Trial And Error. Why Do Things the Hard Way? Take the Short Cut and learn from people who have walked the path before you!

Why go through years of trial and error when you can – in a matter of hours – read this book and master secrets known and used by successful parents of deaf children and deaf adults?

This is exactly the kind of information parents have told me that they had years ago when their own children were diagnosed with hearing loss. Learning even one or two of these “insider’s secrets” would have short cut their pain by ten years, maybe even more. These are secrets most people NEVER discover by trying things on their own.

These parents of deaf children will Take You By The Hand And Teach You

The Proven Strategies for Success and Happiness with your Deaf Children

These are not just theories written by someone who has never had the experience of raising a deaf child. This is a proven set of strategies that are uniquely for parents who wish to enjoy a stress-free, happy life with their hearing impaired child. All the techniques, examples and ideas are real and apply only to raising a child with hearing loss. Or growing up with a hearing loss. They come direct from the true ‘experts’.

How Much Does This E-book Cost?

Your investment in this 200 page life-changing e-book is now just $19.95. And 10% of the proceeds go to Deaf Children Australia.

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That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve downloaded your book, you can read it from cover to cover. Everything is explained in plain English and not jargon, which means it’s easy to read and understand. And it’s even guaranteed – if you don’t think the information and ideas will help you, I’m happy to give you all your money back, no questions asked!

If you’re even remotely interested in learning the tried and tested strategies of raising a child who is deaf, then you owe it to yourself to at least try Breaking the Sound Barriers.

The best news of all is that this book will cost you nothing unless you learn some invaluable strategies from it because you get a full money back guarantee.

So that there is no risk to you, I’m offering you a 100% no-questions-asked, 60-day money back guarantee. If you read “Breaking the Sound Barriers: 9 deaf success stories” and you’re not convinced you’ve got anything out of it, I want you to let me know and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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Please click on the link above to get your copy of this amazing book. Within minutes you can read these amazing stories of courage and success, be getting your questions answered, and discover and gain countless valuable insights shared by other parents of deaf children.

Warm regards

Julie Postance, author of Breaking the Sound Barriers: 9 deaf success stories

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